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Transform with automation.
Adapt to new challenges.
Do more with less.

Adaptability is the New Normal

Is your organization facing new challenges with reduced resources? Now you can eliminate repetitive, manual work and adapt to change through automation. Give your staff more time to innovate and give your leadership deeper visibility, sooner. Your organization will leverage maximum resources to serve its mission and outpace the competition. Watch the video for a quick look at how robotic process automation can transform your operations.

Automation Solutions for Your Industry

Focus on Patient Care

Health care organizations have razor thin margins and volumes of repetitive work. Staff are overloaded with reporting, billing, MDS and PDPM, patient communications, clinical work, and back office functions. Now you can automate tasks within EHRs and other operational systems to get work done faster, consistently, and with fewer errors. Automation delivers reports and visibility to leadership sooner, increases profitability, and frees up staff for more valuable work serving patients.

Accelerate Workflows. Grow Your Firm.

Legal and administrative teams have hours of repetitive work each week, in areas like client intake, gathering and reviewing billing data, and sending routine client communications. Large projects - like finding sensitive data across all files in a repository - remain incomplete because the human labor required would be inconceivably expensive. Automation can speed up onboarding and case work, increase your client load, improve client outcomes and compliance, and reduce errors that get bills rejected.

Turn Visibility and Efficiency into Growth

Executive teams need instant access to essential firm data, through a single pane of glass. Admin teams spend countless hours per week bogged down with onboarding, reporting, and other repetitive work. By automating tasks within your existing systems, your staff can redirect massive portions of its time to higher value work. Now you can cut down on tedious, repetitive tasks, and get all of your data into one place for decision-making.

Deep Experience. Broad Tool Set.

With over 20 years of experience streamlining and automating essential work processes, we make sure your processes are efficient before we add automation. We partner with your leadership and process stakeholders to focus on the areas of highest value to your organization. Our business analysts map out optimized processes for automation. Then we select and implement the best automation tools, like robotic process automation (RPA) or data visualization tools, like Power BI.

Accelerate and Eliminate Work in Key Areas

Automate the execution of routine, repetitive software tasks throughout your organization.

Integrate Systems and Data

Automate Management Reporting

Consolidate data from operational, CMS/EHR, accounting, and other systems for quality reporting and faster decisions

Free Up Front Office Staff

Increase workflow volume and save staff time by automating work in client/patient intake, communications, and insurance verification

Accelerate Payments

Collect from clients and patients faster and reduce payment losses with automated billing communication

Automate or Optimize Processes

Create Performance Alerts

Leverage enterprise data to trigger performance threshold alerts when critical metrics need immediate attention

Update Data and Documents

Automatically transfer patient and client documents or update data between different programs

Automate Document Workflows

Extract data from documents, input it into systems, and trigger actions by appropriate staff

What Can We Automate for You?

We can help you key in on the best place to start. We interview your stakeholders to find out which processes could yield the best results to produce a compelling ROI. Get in touch for a demonstration and to set up a free process discovery assessment.

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