FQHC Automation – Trumpet



Repetitive work keeps FQHC staff from meeting patient care and revenue targets. With automation, your center can reduce manual work overload, maximize the value of staff time, improve quality measures, and enhance revenues from appointments and VBC incentives.

Eliminate Work Overload

Repetitive tasks in finance, quality, and other areas can be completely automated. Trumpet leverages tools like robotic process automation (RPA) and reporting systems like Power BI to eliminate unnecessary tasks and create visibility for executive, quality, and provider teams.

Unleash the Digital Assistants

RPA is software that automates repetitive, computer-based work by emulating all the steps required to complete day to day tasks – opening programs, looking up records, entering data, and more. RPA works more quickly and accurately than staff ever could, 24 hours a day. With hours of tedious work out of the way, CHC staff have more time to work strategically, close care gaps, manage payer relationships, and execute quality improvement efforts.