Workflow efficiency is at the heart of everything we do

Enjoy the way you work

What’s your firm’s purpose? At Trumpet, we want the time we spend at work to matter. Our focus on streamlining and automating work is about more than creating value for your firm or even your clients, it’s about making the world a better place to work. We’re committed to creating a positive work environment for everyone – inside Trumpet, and where you work, too. We truly believe that life is better for everyone when people are engaged and happy at work.

When we make our clients more efficient they get to focus on more impactful and meaningful work. They’re not just getting more done – they avoid the frustration and futility of errors and extra steps. Focusing on what is most important is truly more fulfilling. Simply put, enjoying the way you work matters.

We make technology work the way you do.

We’ve held over one hundred in-depth interviews with professionals like you, across a range of industries. What we’ve found is that every organization suffers from relying on too many software systems to get their work done; that those systems don’t work well together; and they’re missing important features that would save people time and keep work running smoothly. We’ve learned that replacing systems is a costly disruption, and that no single system could ever meet every need in every firm – because everyone works differently.

Trumpet gets technology out of your way, to keep work flowing. No more simple tasks that take up hours at a time. Software bots can do those. No more data entry to work around poor integration. We automate tasks within your existing systems. You get all the data, files, and facts where you need them, so that you can make decisions quickly and give the clients the service they deserve.

How Trumpet hits the high notes

Fast, friendly support

We’re a responsive technology partner you can count on. Our client service survey responses place Trumpet in the top tier of exceptional client service delivery among professional service firms. We can’t wait for you to experience what “Trumpet Class Service” feels like.

Workflow and task automation

Don’t let inefficient, manual work limit your growth and profitability. We straighten out any cumbersome workflow processes slowing your teams down. Then we go beyond automatically assigning tasks. We create software bots that execute tasks inside your software systems. When your people delegate their mundane tasks to automation, your teams can do more of what matters, and your firm can focus on growth.

First principles consulting

We listen to what is and what isn’t working in your organization, and we find the root causes of inefficiency through first principles consulting. We cut away the extra steps that have built up while your team has been focused on getting work out the door. Then we automate any tasks preventing you from doing your best work or blocking the results your organization needs to achieve. Your teams will do their best work, faster than ever.

Trusted partner relationships

Trumpet does more than implement software. More than 1,000 professional service firms work with Trumpet as their trusted partner in automating and optimizing workflow. We speak the languages of technology, workflow, operations, and deep integration. We’re here to create a lasting partnership around improving the way your firm actually works. Join our customers who have seen their workflows improve, their businesses evolve, and their impact deepen.