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Automation for Healthcare

Streamline processes. Improve Interoperability. Automate tasks.

Focus on people, not paperwork.

Patient and resident care requires a huge amount of administrative work. The stakes are high to get it done quickly while keeping human error low. At Trumpet, we know that manual, administrative tasks can postpone care, increase costs, and create billing errors, negatively impacting the patient experience. We know that interoperability problems create extra work doing tasks that your systems should do for you.

We can streamline your current processes and enhance your software systems, to automatically complete routine tasks and get data from one system into another. Your staff can keep using the tools they’re familiar with, more easily, with dramatically reduced human error. With repetitive busywork out of the way, your whole team can focus on delivering and ensuring quality care.

Accelerate or eliminate work in key areas

Automate or Optimize Processes

Automate patient and resident intake
Prevent delays in delivering care. Automatically capture intake information, activate providers across systems, generate necessary documents, and ensure proper coding for downstream work.

Streamline employee onboarding
We can help nail down, streamline, and automate processes involving multiple steps, systems, documents, and approvers.

Accelerate billing
Automate data entry of patient and treatment information. Follow up on payments due. Streamline communication between care providers, insurance companies and clearinghouses.

Automate patient care coordination
Ensure all necessary information is received and automatically input to required systems in advance of patient appointments to include labs therapy or testing procedures.

Integrate Systems and Data

Transfer or update data among systems
Eliminate manual data entry when exchanging information between systems or portals, to save time and reduce the risk of dangerous and costly errors.

Ensure data consistency
Gather information about tests performed and services delivered from different systems. Confirm that billing and other systems reflect the same data.

Extract data from documents; input into systems
Capture essential patient, resident, or procedure data from scanned documents, and input it into your EHR, billing, accounting, and other systems automatically.

Report business metrics across systems
Increase visibility into operations by gathering data from different systems into a “single pane of glass” for reporting and analysis.

HIPAA Compliance You Can Trust

We care about your patient data. Our team follows HIPAA-compliant protocols, and we use only HIPAA-compliant tools in the service of our health care industry clients. As your partner, we make sure that your patient data is always secure.

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