SignatureBridge – Trumpet


Manage Documents and Electronic Signatures Easily & Securely

Manage eSignature capabilities within a DMS, to route documents for digital signature, monitor status & automatic document check-in once signature is received.

Integrated document management and eSignature solution

SignatureBridge provides a solution to law firms and other organizations that manage contracts and transactional documents by providing a bridge between the document management system and eSignature product. SignatureBridge allows you to monitor and facilitate the signature process and ensures ALL signed documents are filed within the document management system.

Key Features

Route Documents for eSignature
Send out files from your document management system to multiple users for eSignature

Monitor eSignature Status

Instantly identify documents routed for signature and monitor signature status from within your document management system

Aggregate Signed Documents Automatically

Once all signatures have been captured, SignatureBridge automatically checks the document back into your document management system

SignatureBridge integrations
NetDocuments® and DocuSign®