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Symphony Profiler®

Symphony Profiler®

is an intuitive tool that makes Worldox® even more powerful. As an integral part of Trumpet's Symphony Suite®, Symphony Profiler helps your legal team scan and file documents faster. Simply make file "reservations," place a stack of documents in your scanner, press go, and get on with your day.

The smart way to get paper into Worldox

Batch scan multiple documents, and have them automatically and precisely filed to Worldox.

How it works

Today, most employees still scan and file one document at a time—a completely inefficient process. Symphony Profiler flips around your workflow to make it more efficient. First, it prompts you to tell Worldox where the document is going to live by making a “reservation.” Then, you can bulk scan all of your documents at once. Finally, Symphony Profiler automatically splits each document and files them to the correct Worldox location.

Get billable hours back

What if your team could spend more time on billable work instead of filing and finding documents? By simply reversing the order (file before scanning), you can scan all files in one batch and have them correctly filed where you intend them to be. Never scan and file one document at a time again! Download our info sheet to learn more.

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