Automation for Legal Firms

Streamline processes. Automate tasks.

Put your firm in a winning position.

After talking with dozens of law firms, we know how to help. We know that too much manual work is required, just to support basic processes – in the front and back office alike. We can enhance your current software to automatically complete routine tasks and get data from one system into another. Your staff can keep using the tools they’re familiar with, more easily.

Accelerate or eliminate work in key areas

Automate or Optimize Processes

Automate client and matter onboarding
Get cases started quickly. Capture intake information, generate necessary documents, activate clients and cases across systems, and ensure proper coding for downstream work.

Streamline employee onboarding
We can help nail down, streamline, and automate processes involving multiple steps, systems, documents, and approvers.

Production automation
Get documents ready for discovery faster by automating the process of gathering, Bates stamping, and filing documents during production.

Accounts payable and receivable
Speed up invoice approvals and payments. Get invoices to clients faster by automating steps throughout each process.

Automated time and billing resolution
Reduce manual data entry and facilitate communication between your firm’s practice management and accounting systems.

Integrate Systems and Data

Transfer or update data among systems
Eliminate manual data entry for exchanging information between systems or portals, to save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Ensure repository consistency
Transfer up-to-date versions of files into client file repositories, according to business rules about which files need to be shared, destroyed, or redacted.

Extract data from documents; input into systems
Capture essential data and input it into case management, accounting, and other systems automatically.

Report business metrics across systems
Increase visibility into operations by gathering data from different systems into a “single pane of glass” for reporting and analysis.

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