Health Care Automation – Trumpet

Maximize staff time.
Increase reimbursements.
Improve quality of care.

Spotlight: Automation for FQHCs

Trumpet is revolutionizing processes for Federally Qualified Health Centers and producing great results. Learn more about how automation can help your center maximize the value of staff time, improve quality measures, and enhance revenues from appointments and VBC incentives.

Accelerate your Revenue Cycle

Most organizations struggle to keep up with one or more portions of their revenue cycle. Insurance verification, submitting claims, checking claim status, and managing payer relationships all require massive amounts of repetitive work. If your organization is making trade-offs between high labor costs and managing claims, we can help. Talk to us about your systems, payers, and processes. We’ll automate the high-volume, tedious tasks, so that your team has more time to focus on getting the revenues you’re due.

Focus on Quality

Striving for excellence in HEDIS, UDS, or Stars targets is challenging. EHRs and other systems don’t make it easy to report on where you stand. It can be hard to gather and compare data from HR, phone, and other systems to identify opportunities for improvement. Use automation to clear a path into your data, and gain the insights needed to make a difference for patients.

HIPAA Compliance You Can Trust

We care about your patient data. Our team follows HIPAA-compliant protocols, and we use only HIPAA-compliant tools in the service of our health care industry clients. As your partner, we make sure that your patient data is always secure.

What Can We Automate for You?

We can help you key in on the best place to start. We interview your stakeholders to find out which processes could yield the best results to produce a compelling ROI. Get in touch so we can learn more about what operational processes you wish to improve or automate.

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