Our Approach – Trumpet

Trumpet’s Approach

Tame your processes. Automate your systems. Unleash your talent.

Trumpet has been automating workflow processes for 20 years, saving clients thousands of hours of work annually. We’ve seen again and again that mundane, repetitive tasks keep people from having the impact they care about and that their organizations need most.

That’s where we come in. How do we create systems that “just work” for our clients? We use first principles consulting to understand the “whys” underneath their work, and ensure consistent, seamless results.

Streamline Process Flow

Keep ad hoc processes from slowing down your team.

Business processes usually evolve organically over time, building into a patchwork of inconsistent steps that require manual attention. We drill down to uncover the rules underlying your business processes. Your new workflow will handle variations automatically as your personnel changes or your operation scales up.

Optimize System Flow

Got a complicated or boring task? Hit a button and it’s done.

You have existing systems that probably handle 80% to 90% of what your staff needs to get done. That last 10% to 20% is where the extra work and errors lie. Rather than replace those systems or create new, custom software, Trumpet uses low-code tools to automate tasks that are time consuming, repetitive, and error prone. Your people can focus on the interesting work that people do best.

Better still, after investing once in these tools, our clients leverage the same technologies over and over to automate an ever-expanding array of processes. Robots work fast. Let’s keep them busy!

Maximize People Flow

Get your team on board and on track

Our passion is helping people love the way they work. We make individuals more effective, optimize collaboration, and automate tasks that people would rather have computers handle. We provide training and tools that ensure user adoption of new systems, so that employees spend more time in the zone, working with fewer distractions. We expand your teams’ capacity while enabling your whole organization to focus on fulfilling its purpose.

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