Attach Plus®

This award-winning solution turns emailing sensitive documents from a tedious task to a painless process. Legal teams will love being able to spend less time in email and more time on billable work, while your clients will love that you safeguarded their information by sending the documents securely with Attach Plus.

Securely send confidential documents in a snap

Securely assemble, rename, reorder, and encrypt files on the fly as you attach them to your e-mail.

How it works

Whenever you need to send confidential legal documents to a client, Attach Plus converts your documents to a PDF or ZIP file in seconds. After applying a password, the solution encrypts the document and securely attaches it to your email. Once the client receives the document, they must enter the password before accessing it. Attach Plus also makes it easy to assemble files on the fly, set custom PDF restrictions, apply bookmarks, and much more.

Attach Plus email integrations

Attach Plus integrates with the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Outlook®
  • Gmail*
  • Yahoo!® Mail*
  • Hotmail®*
  • Windows® Mail
  • GroupWise®
  • GoldMine®
  • Lotus Notes®*
  • Thunderbird®*
  • CRM systems using Microsoft Outlook® for email

*Paperclip button integration not available.

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