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Tools to Find, File, & Compile Documents

Stop the endless searching for documents. Every professional services firm needs automated tools to help find, file, and compile information quickly and completely. When professionals can save time, have confidence in their technology, and better serve their clients, they can enjoy their work and have a greater impact.

Symphony OCR

Professional services teams typically find that 20-30% of their documents are not content-searchable, leading to ineffective operations, slow response times, and potential omissions when to responding to document requests from clients or other institutions. Symphony OCR solves that problem.


For firms that struggle to manage contracts through various stages, SignatureBridge is the solution. It facilitates and monitors signatures between the document management system and eSignature product.

Report Automation

So many hours can be wasted manually finding, filing, and compiling documents for clients and other stakeholders. Bulk upload, automatically collate, and instantly file multiple documents using report automation.

Implement the right technology for your firm

Learn more about how Trumpet can help you reclaim hours in your week and have the freedom to focus on work you love.