27 Ways to Evaluate Document Management Software for Your RIA

Use this score sheet to evaluate multiple vendors during your next software demo.

scoresheet-thumbWhether you are evaluating a document management software or a new CRM for your RIA, multiple demos will eat up a lot of you and your team’s valuable time. It’s in your best interest to make the most of them.

A software score sheet is a powerful tool that allows your RIA to:

  1. Evaluate a software based on your RIAs unique needs.
  2. Ensure that your team actively participates in the demo, keeping everyone focused and engaged.
  3. Capture immediate feedback from your team while the info is still fresh in everyone’s minds.
  4. Identify areas for further investigation and determine next steps.

We’ve put together a sample score sheet that provides 27 Ways to Evaluate Document Management System, but this tool can be helpful regardless of the type of software you are evaluating next.

So download this free tool today, so you can make the most of your next software demo.