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Repetitive work obstructs staff performance in resident care, MDS document review, admissions, billing, and more. With automation, your facility can increase PDPM rates, minimize manual work overload, improve quality ratings, reduce write-offs, and keep staff working at the top of their scope.


RPA is software that automates repetitive, computer-based work by emulating all the steps required to complete day to day tasks – opening programs, looking up records, entering data, and more. RPA works more quickly and accurately than staff ever could, 24 hours a day. With hours of tedious work out of the way, CHC staff have more time to work strategically, close care gaps, manage payer relationships, and execute quality improvement efforts.


Centers devote many staff hours to simple tasks like running EHR reports, submitting claims, verifying insurance, comparing patient lists, and filing documents into their EHRs. By using automation, centers can improve operations, increase revenues, reduce staff burnout, and ensure top-quality patient care.

Streamline essential, routine tasks:


MDS Nurses spend half their time looking for diagnoses and other terms, but half of MDS reports contain omissions with a financial impact. Recapture valuable time for MDS nurses and improve PDPM by automating MDS search.


Help admissions teams respond faster when accepting new residents, and automate the transcription of data between systems during intake. Your facility will be more competitive in securing new referrals, and faster at admitting new residents.

Management Dashboards

Facility leaders can get complete and current data every morning about average daily census, payer mix, staffing, incident reports, new orders, call light wait times and more. With complete, up-to-date KPIs, administrators can see trouble spots, identify needed improvements, and schedule labor efficiently.

Business Office/Billing

Reduce write offs that come from stale billing by automating repetitive processes like claims statusing or posting claims to payer portals.

Automate work to gain these benefits:

Increase Revenue

By increasing PDPM rates, becoming more competitive in accepting new patients, accelerating your admissions process, and reducing write offs from stale billing, your facility can capture important opportunities to maximize revenue.

Increase Overall Census

It takes hours for MDS teams to review admissions packets and determine whether each patient is a fit for your facilty. By automating searches for red flags, your admissions teams can respond to referrals faster, increasing your facility's census.

Reduce Errors and Risk

Automation reduces human error. By assisting MDS nurses in their search for terms to code, they'll miss fewer items that your facility needs to know to plan for resident care. Reducing manual transcription between systems can prevent med errors and keep your team focused on caring for residents.

Reduce Overtime

Automation can save time currently spent on repetitive, tedious tasks, while giving your staff more time to work at the top of its scope. By using automated management dashboards, leadership will have visibility they need to schedule staff efficiently and reduce overages.

What Can We Automate for You?

We can help you key in on the best place to start. We interview your stakeholders to find out which processes could yield the best results to produce a compelling ROI. Get in touch for a demonstration and to set up a free process discovery assessment.

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