Publishing Documents to Client Portals with Publisher by Trumpet

Publishing Documents


streamlines the process of publishing documents to an online portal, such as ShareFile®, InvestCloud®, Wealth Access or Junxure's ClientView®. With this simple solution, your team can quickly and accurately batch upload financial documents and reports to your client portal, making it easy for your clients to access the documents they need.

Publish documents to client portals pronto

How it works

Publisher integrates with a variety of web portals to automatically batch upload files to the correct client folder, making it a breeze to share documents with your clients. As part of the initial setup, Trumpet will work with you to match your client or account records to the correct portal folder. From there, simply add the files you wish to upload to the Publisher workspace, and click “Send Files.”

Publisher Portal integrations

Publisher supports integration with the following portals:

  • ShareFile®
  • Wealth Access®
  • Junxure’s ClientView®
  • Box (in conjunction with synch functionality)
  • AdvisorVault® (including AdvisorVault’s Desktop Connector)
  • InvestCloud®
  • IAS(Interactive Advisory Software)
  • Contact us about integrating with your portal

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