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Optical Character Recognition Software

Text searches are great, but without OCR (optical character recognition) software, all of your image-based PDFs (or, really, anything that's scanned into your document management system) are not text searchable. That's where Symphony OCR comes in and takes your searching to a new level.

The search is over

How it works

After filing a document into your document management system, Symphony OCR automatically applies OCR to make the document text searchable. This process can be applied to scanned documents (PDF and TIFF files), email attachments, e-faxes and everything in between—even your legacy files. When documents are OCRed, you can find them using simple keyword searches. It also gives you the ability to select, copy, and paste text from the document so you don’t have to waste time retyping.

The best OCR solution on the market

Symphony OCR

is in a league of its own. Unlike other OCR technologies, our solution completes the OCR process on the back end, rather than during the initial scan. Not only does this speed up your scanning time, but it also means your files will be OCRed no matter how or when they got there. Symphony OCR “just works”—it checks the system for new documents automatically, without your involvement. Download our info sheet to learn more.

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