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Finally, a better solution for performance reporting. Ditch the manual process, and use


to automatically prepare, file, and deliver customized report packages to clients. With this intuitive software, your team saves countless hours and makes reporting stress-free quarter after quarter.

Make performance reporting a breeze

Automatically prepare, file, and deliver unique performance reports and more.

How it works

Trumpet works side by side with your team to design Assemblage so it mirrors your workflow, while automating the process. Whenever it’s reporting time, this software manages the right content, splits bulk files, and assembles the documents. Then, Assemblage delivers the reports via printer, secure e-mail, or web portal, and archives them for future reference.

How much time and money could you save?

Manual document assembly is a costly job. Trumpet has seen Assemblage reduce total time spent on creating and delivering performance reports by a whopping 78%. It cuts delivery time in half and reduces employee involvement in the reporting process by 56%.* This leads to happier employees and a healthier bottom line.

* Data collected from new Assemblage users after their first quarter of use

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It saved us so much time and I absolutely love this process. I wish we'd had Assemblage years ago!