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Workflow efficiency is at the heart of everything we do

We believe

Something magical happens when we show your staff how to use technology to perform their job better and faster. First, they get excited: “Hey, that’s cool!” Next they begin to talk about their technology improvements with other people: “Look what we can do!” Before you know it, they become innovators. They start finding other ways to use technology to perform their job better and faster. At Trumpet, we love to make people so enthusiastic about technology that they ‘trumpet’ and share with others.

Our purpose: to help people enjoy the way they work.

  • Trumpet was founded by Kevin Day and Jo Day

    May 1999

  • Hired our first Trumpeter

    June 2002

  • Launched our Maestro OCR product (now known as Symphony OCR)

    August 2002

  • Began implementing document management systems for RIAs

    August 2002

  • January 2006

  • Reached 100 customers

    January 2007

  • Launched our Express Profile document profiler product (now known as Symphony Profiler)

    February 2008

  • Began selling our products to the legal community

    March 2009

  • Re-branded Maestro OCR as Symphony OCR and Express Profile as Symphony Profiler (collectively known as “Symphony Suite”)

    October 2011

  • Introduced unlimited PTO benefit to Trumpeters

    January 2012

  • Began offering IRA contributions to all Trumpeters

    January 2013

  • Reached 1 million dollars in annual revenue

    November 2013

  • Defined Trumpet’s purpose and core values

    October 2014

  • Re-branded and launched new website

    November 2015

  • Began offering group health insurance to Trumpeters

    January 2016

  • Reached 1,000 customers

    November 2017

  • Reached 2 million dollars in annual revenue

    October 2018

How Trumpet hits the high notes

Industry expertise

Since 1999, we’ve been providing custom workflow solutions to financial advisory and legal firms. Our team doesn’t just provide another piece of software. We’ve developed a specific methodology and collection of tools that transform your business.

Fast, friendly support

We’re a technology partner that speaks your language. When you work with us, you can count on our team to be responsive, helpful, and leave you smiling.

Custom solutions

Trumpet knows every business has unique needs and processes, so we design custom solutions that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. In short, we make technology work the way you do.®

Trusted partner relationships

Trumpet does more than just implement software. We create lasting partnerships with our clients to help improve your workflow now and as your business evolves.

Meet the team

Kevin Day

Kevin Day

Co-founder, President

Kevin excels at creating barely-contained chaos. Kevin's specialty is thinking about things sideways, and coming up with non-obvious, yet beautiful solutions to challenges.

When he's not busy helping the Trumpet team innovate, Kevin enjoys taking long (really long) mountain bike rides and playing basketball with his family. He's also crazy tall.
Ryan Detlaff

Ryan Detlaff


As CEO, Ryan leads the Trumpet team with a strong connection to our purpose, fueling the company’s vision, strategy and growth. His passion for technology and a background in finance are what brought him to Trumpet but his analytical nature is what made him thrive. Ryan is a graduate from Arizona State University, where he studied Finance. Before joining Trumpet, he was Manager of Investment Operations at Versant Capital Management, Inc.

When he’s not solving the world’s business problems or leading the Trumpet team, Ryan enjoys sports, the outdoors, and spending time on his family farm in North Dakota. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Young Professionals at Gabriel’s Angels – a non-profit focused on inspiring confidence, compassion and best behaviors in at-risk children through pet therapy. Ryan spends his spare time playing softball, playing football, golfing and bowling (and has even bowled two 300 games!).
Tia Geurts

Tia Geurts

VP, People & Operations

Tia is our VP of People and Operations. She's been a part of the Trumpet team since 2006. Tia and Trumpet share a mutual love for helping people enjoy the way they work. She loves designing internal processes, tools and strategies to help us better serve our customers, and creating an engaging work environment in which all Trumpeters can thrive.

Tia is "mostly" an Arizona native and proud ASU Sun Devil and Green Bay Packer fan.  She loves to travel and is always dreaming about that next destination - 23 countries, 32 states and counting!  She and her husband Matt live in the heart of Phoenix with their two little boys, Evan and Aaron, and their large and lovable mutt Lacy.
Joanne Day

Joanne Day

Co-founder, Director of Innovation

Jo loves learning about interesting problems and how people are solving them within any industry, and she loves cross-disciplinary approaches.

Jo’s favorite interests are helping people recognize and capitalize on their strengths, building strong teams, and behavioral science. An avid reader, Jo consumes a lot of non-fiction (biographies, history, economics, math, physics, medium.com articles) and fiction. She also loves a great podcast.

Jo is well known for being a great catalyst to initiate change and connecting interesting people and ideas together.

When Jo isn't hanging out with her family, her favorite hobbies are being anywhere outdoors and coming up with a cascade of new business and product ideas – in just about any discipline.
Shannon Bickmore

Shannon Bickmore

Director of Customer Success

Shannon has a passion for puzzles and loves a good challenge. She joined the Trumpet team at the start of 2016 with an enthusiastic drive for providing excellent customer support. Shannon is responsible for ensuring that every customer we serve receives a Trumpet Class Experience. Shannon is a proud mother of three (…cats), and likes relaxing after work by watching Star Trek or playing video games with her husband Derek on their custom-built gaming PCs (no, she's not ashamed to call herself a nerd). Shannon also loves traveling to enjoy nature and meet new people.
Albert Morales

Albert Morales

Director of Healthcare Automation

Albert brings nearly 30 years of sales and healthcare experience to Trumpet. He combines his past experience as a clinician and healthcare sales leader to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency for healthcare companies through automation.

Albert is a proud father of two boys (both of whom are much taller than him) and is lucky enough to have a beautiful wife (Pam) who is willing to put up with his crazy ideas and adventures.

In his downtime, he loves hanging out with his family, watching his boys play basketball and throw the discus, mountain biking as much as possible, and hitting the gym in between. Oh yeah, he loves to nap when he can too.
Theo Kipnis

Theo Kipnis

Commercialization Strategist

Theo is a commercialization strategist with over 25 years of experience driving marketing and sales efforts for technology companies. He has created and executed successful marketing plans, researched new technologies, written commercialization plans instrumental in securing business funding, led branding and messaging efforts for new and ongoing businesses, authored verbal and visual communications across print, video, and web media, and helped dozens of entrepreneurs to create or improve their business plans and start-up pitches. He is an avid fan of music and art, is inexhaustingly social, loves to run and exercise, travels for concerts, writes, and enjoys cooking for his teenage children and his friends.
Jackie Saltamachia

Jackie Saltamachia

Business Analyst

Jackie traded snowy winters on the east coast for beautiful Arizona "because you can't shovel sunshine!" She is a natural born problem-solver that loves connecting the dots. She thrives in a fast-paced environment and puts her communication super powers to use in order to ensure the best customer experience possible. Outside of work, Jackie loves just being outside – whether that’s hiking, camping, or just grillin’ in the backyard. When she’s not adventuring with her dog, she makes time for her first love (ice hockey).
Andrea Krakower

Andrea Krakower

Project and Product Manager

Andrea brings over a decade of advisor consulting and project management experience to Trumpet and serves as our lead trainer. She skillfully navigates clients through the process of adopting new technology, revolutionizes firms by listening to their pain points and steers them through workflow processes and procedures to find efficiency and improvements.

Andrea's cheerful, dynamic approach (fueled by gallons of Coca-Cola) injects a shot of adrenaline for technology junkies, and for those less tech savvy or reluctant adopters, transforms them into skillful users. She's an avid sports fan and University of Missouri alum (M-I-Z-Z-O-U!).
Angela Sabel

Angela Sabel

Customer and Partner Success Manager

Angela joins our team with a natural curiosity. Ever since she was little, she always wondered how things operated and why things were made the way there were. Luckily she had parents who helped foster this wonder of the world and allowed her to explore everything, including taking apart a graphing calculator in the 5th grade. This curiosity has allowed her to work in many industries and gain quite a diverse background before coming to Trumpet. She is able to work with people to figure out what an issue may be and to offer creative solutions. This curiosity helps her understand a client’s needs and she loves to make what may seem impossible, happen.

She enjoys learning about the world around her, doing puzzles, reading almost anything, spending time with her family and friends (no matter where they may be) and hanging out with the dog.
Dan White

Dan White

Automation Developer

Dan spent his entire life in Virginia Beach, VA until he was lured to the desert of Phoenix to work for Trumpet in the Spring of 2013. He received his BS in Computer Science from Old Dominion University and has been in software development, systems management, and software support roles since the Kansas City Royals won the World Series (the first time).

His current role as an RPA Developer allows him to use his years of software experience to utilize cutting edge technologies to reduce pain and stress for our clients by automating time-consuming processes and tasks that can be repetitive and error prone, which leaves them to be more efficient and enjoy the way they work.

Additionally, his role as Support Manager allows him to do a few of his very favorite things – solving problems, helping people, and working with some very cool and talented folks.

Dan describes himself as “A disciple of Christ, a husband, a father, and an amateur guitar player who always has a movie quote handy.”
Ben Oates

Ben Oates

Automation Developer

Ben has spent most of his life in the Seattle area. He spent 4 years in the USMC serving in San Diego and Guantanamo Bay. He is an alumnus of the University of Washington where he earned his BS in Computing and Software Systems. Over the last 15 years, he has worked for several of the top cloud companies in the Seattle area.

Living in a sunny area has always been a life goal and in 2020 he and his wife and 2 kids relocated to the Greater Phoenix area. Ben loves to be outdoors and enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and any sport-related activity. He is also a hobbyist and enjoys rock music, playing guitar, video games, and strategy board games. He also enjoys comedy of all forms and just wants to have fun!

Ben and Trumpet share a passion for automation, helping people, and technology. He is excited to apply his experience from his past life into making business processes easier for our clients.
Carin Mehling

Carin Mehling


Carin (kuh-RINN) is a Silicon Valley native and a second-generation bookkeeper, who grew up categorizing and counting things. A true remote worker, her insatiable curiosity and love for travel leads her to live and work from different cities 3 months out of the year where she enjoys creating new recipes and using mass transit to get everywhere. At home, she still enjoys DIY, board games, and learning the Korean language.

As an accountant, teammate or friend, she has a tenacious, mama-bear quality about her that lets you know she’s looking out for you.
Emma Stobbs

Emma Stobbs

Operations Manager

Emma brings stellar customer service and operations experience as Trumpet's Operations Manager.  Fun-loving and to-the-point, her attention to detail and follow through make her well equipped to ensure a top-notch Trumpet experience.

Emma loves to travel and be with friends and family but nothing beats a day at home running around with her kids, working on house projects, or cooking with her husband. She lives in Phoenix with her husband, two daughters, and their two dogs.
Ryan Ames

Ryan Ames

Customer Support Lead

Ryan cannot get enough of a good mystery, be it a classic whodunnit or a challenging puzzle. He brings that same passion to Trumpet by hunting down the correct solutions for our clients. He is at his best when he is learning something new and able to share that knowledge with others.

Ryan grew up in the shadow of Mt. Rainier and developed a love for all things outdoors. He received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. When not hard at work supporting Trumpet's clients, Ryan spends his time with his wife and 3 kids, gaming (board and video) with his friends, and dabbles as a writer.
Stefan Johnetty

Stefan Johnetty

Lead DevOps Engineer

Stefan is our resident IT guru who brings over a decade of IT knowledge from both large and small organizations. He loves helping people solve problems through technology and automating wherever possible.

Originally he is from the east coast but moved to the desert in 2011. He is a tinkerer and is always working on something in his home lab or building something in his garage. Outside of work, Stefan likes spending his time with his fiancé (Briana) and their two dogs (Luna and Opal), whether it’s being outdoors, traveling, or enjoying the company of friends and family.
Stephanie Navarro

Stephanie Navarro

Client Service and Office Administrator

Meet Stephanie Navarro, who joined Trumpet in summer of 2021 as our Client Service and Office Administrator. Stephanie comes to Trumpet with 10+ years of experience in the nonprofit sector as well as several COVID-era essential worker jobs which she describes as enlightening. Stephanie’s passion is helping others, which makes her a great fit for Trumpet where client care as well as employee health and happiness are top priorities.

Stephanie is a Navy Brat that moved 11 times before she was 18. After choosing to move to Chandler, Arizona 5 years ago, she is happy to say it now holds the record for the longest time she has lived in a single location. Her two tween sons and husband, as well as her tiny teacup poodle Missy, have all learned to love the desert too! To scratch that travel itch, Stephanie spends her free time visiting family in California and Maryland. She also enjoys reading, hiking, and cross-stitching.
Roger Lay

Roger Lay

Director of Business Development

Roger spent 30+ years building tech startups, primarily helping founders develop the market-facing side of their company. This included developing and executing initial go-to-market strategies, gaining initial market traction and building out successful sales, marketing and customer success teams. Three of Roger’s companies specialized in business process automation (such as RPA), which lead to his current position with Trumpet.

After serving his time in the Marine Corps, Roger became a dirt biker and an avid Ice Hockey fan. A “citizen of the world”, Roger enjoys global travel and experiencing new cultures, having visited 5 of the 7 continents. Bucket list: 2 more continents!

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